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Kitty [userpic]
by Kitty (nagyk)
at December 17th, 2009 (09:53 pm)


i get so happy when theyre at this stage. i usually let them grow a little bit longer, they have about another month. then i chill at that length for a month or two and start the process over again. it's my favorite thing to watch them grow. :D

Ray [userpic]
hello hello!
by Ray (0hseptember)
at December 16th, 2009 (05:37 pm)

well hello again my friends!
I'm still loving the armpit hair and it's gotten quite long on me! (though it seems to be kind of light...)

here be my glorious little babies!!
I'm such a creep-o when it comes to them. I'll lay in bed with my lover and demand he touch their softness with me... this morning he says "you really love those, huh?" haha yes, yes I do! NOW TOUCH THEM MORE! :D

<3 Ray

peacelovr ☮ [userpic]
by peacelovr ☮ (peacelovr)
at December 1st, 2009 (01:47 pm)

Hello all! Good news...I met a girl in my women's lit class and we sit next to each other and always talk. She showed me her ankle tattoo the other day and her legs were super hairy like mine! She said, "Sorry if you don't like the hairy leg thing." I said, "Are you kidding? Look at mine!" And I showed her mine. I also told her I didn't my pits or private area either. She said, "Me neither!" She just facebooked me and we're going to an Ani Difranco concert in February together. I have also never met anyone in real life who has even known who Ani is. All-in-all, I'm really excited about my new friend.

Fabrice Martin [userpic]
by Fabrice Martin (fabsand2)
at November 17th, 2009 (10:27 pm)

current location: France, Paris
Feeling: artistic


Here is a close up of my last painting work. I only post a detail of it due to the forum rules: the whole painting contains (soft) nudity.

I'd like to share it with you because this model does not shave her armpits.

You can view the complete painting on my website : http://www.fabricemartin.fr/pages/H0037.htm
The model is from Bulgaria, feel free to commentng this artwork.

Kind regards,
Fabrice Martin.

Ray [userpic]
my progress thus far
by Ray (0hseptember)
at November 15th, 2009 (08:04 pm)

I'm so proud of their progress, I feel like a farmer or something; lovingly watching my crop grow :3
not much but some, hurrhurr

<3 Rae

Bethany [userpic]
by Bethany (screamatmyself)
at November 8th, 2009 (09:31 pm)

Ranty rantCollapse )

between your thighs [userpic]
poems about armpit hair
by between your thighs (_electronichaze)
at November 3rd, 2009 (11:29 pm)
Hearing: Ali Farka Toure

Bonsoir to everyone,

I just moved to paris & am finding myself facing so many barriers to fully adjusting. On the one hand, I don't care if i have armpit hair or not (hell, I cut the hair on my head & let it grow & cut it & & & periodically... changing appearances is half the fun of having an appearance at all!). Lately, though, I have been feeling more & more discouraged to sport clothing that reveals my laissez-faire attitude towards my armpit hair growth, especially since I go to a posh uni (I am like a fish out of water, but it's alright because I am always a fish out of water and I have grown comfortable with, and don't feel isolated by it).

Honestly, I know that the 'hairy european women' is a myth, especially since I have lived in Austria for over a decade before. But, in the 90s it wasn't unheard of to see Austrian women with mega-awesome armpit hair... now, you won't find that. So when I moved to Paris now, I was secretly reeeally hoping to run into fellow non-shavers. Alas, so far no luck. I find myself now in a place where I need encouragement to "just let it be" or "ROCK IT, GRRL" or "everything about being a woman is beautiful and sexy, which includes well-kept underarm hair". Fortunately for me, one of my closest friends sent me a brilliantly sweet birthday email a few days ago and included this excerpt of a poem (it's like she read my mind)

[From Leaves of Grass]
"I believe in the flesh, and the appetites,
Seeing, hearing, feeling, are miracles, and each part and tag of me is a miracle.

Divine am I, inside and out, and I make holy whatever I touch, or am touched from,
The scent of these arm-pits, aroma finer than prayer,
This head more than churches, bibles, and all the creeds.
If I worship any particular thing, it shall be some of the spread of my own body."— Walt Whitman

Though it was written by a man about his own armpit hair, I don't see how it isn't pertaining to all human beings. It's a beautiful excerpt and cheered me up a whole lot.

QUESTION: Do you, ladies & gents & gentle-ladies, know of any more poetry that celebrates natural armpit hair; and if so, please do SHARE!

I find nothing more inspiring than beautifully written poetry, celebrating and lauding natural beauty.

If I haven't introduced myself, HI! I am a 23 year old[young] strong woman who is getting her Masters in Paris. A new POV after 9 years in America is necessary and very exciting!


peacelovr ☮ [userpic]
Just a picture update.
by peacelovr ☮ (peacelovr)
at October 13th, 2009 (09:10 pm)

 Stuff.Collapse )

Bethany [userpic]
by Bethany (screamatmyself)
at September 29th, 2009 (09:35 am)

I posted a question about guys opinion on body hair on girls, and it was going okay. Most guys said they either did care, or thought it was gross, but whatever. Then a girl answered and asked;

"it's not itchy, it's not uncomfortable, it's not anything apart form a couple of extra seconds in the shower, and you look ten times more feminine and attractive.

it makes me feel bad, because i know this girl would receive unnecessary mean comments behind her back (unwarranted, but none the less). It just seems unreasonable not to - it makes men more attracted to you, it makes girls more inclined to not think you're "weird" (and really no one wants to be thought that they are weird) and it generally seems like you want to take better care of yourself and your image."

I feel like I have no legitimate answer to this. I mean, what she's saying is all true.

What would you say to this person?

Fabrice Martin [userpic]
April Rose (2009) oil painting on canvas by Fabrice Martin
by Fabrice Martin (fabsand2)
at September 8th, 2009 (10:53 am)

Hi there,

I want to present you my last artwork on "natural women" theme, April Rose.
This painting was made this year, the model is a member of a sacramento bellydance school named Unmata.


Fabrice Martin,

avant-tarde [userpic]
sitting in the garage
by avant-tarde (silkfetus)
at September 3rd, 2009 (01:43 pm)

saturn bloat [userpic]
by saturn bloat (midwinter)
at August 14th, 2009 (11:05 pm)

Yes, you should wear fancy skimpy dresses and flaunt it.Collapse )

avant-tarde [userpic]
new photos
by avant-tarde (silkfetus)
at July 7th, 2009 (07:12 am)

two photos...Collapse )

stringdstories [userpic]
by stringdstories (stringdstories)
at June 21st, 2009 (03:25 pm)

(they've been growing for 3 months)
i am so proud:]]


/dripping.wi†h.alchemy/ [userpic]
So not only are we ladies going against society's beauty ideals...
by /dripping.wi†h.alchemy/ (hollowdoll)
at June 21st, 2009 (12:25 am)

Feeling: astounded
Hearing: Guano Apes - Big In Japan

...but we're apparently ALSO going against God!

Bare Before God - Shaving and the Bible (probably NSFW)

For linkaphobesCollapse )

I do realize that they mention in the "stubble" section that if you want to go natural, then do it...but pink-kilted Christ on a pogo stick, SERIOUSLY!? Someone ACTUALLY went through the entire Bible to find justification for making women look prepubescent. AFK, crawling into hole to curl up in fetal position and cry with large bottle of vodka.

(x-posted a few spots)

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