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hairy celebrities and newbie post
by 123grande (123grande)
at May 24th, 2009 (01:06 pm)

Nena, since when do you shave your armpit hair?

Since a concert in England. Back then, I didn't know that you have to shave your armpit hair and so I always let it grow nicely (laughs) And at this concert there where fans with huge banners which said "Nena, we love your furry pits!" I thought to myself: Hello? What's going on here? At that point I didn't know that the rainbow press in England and Amerika was full of hate and malice because of my pit hair. After this concert my manager Jim Rakete told me about it. And his girlfriend went to my room with me and said: "I'm going to shave them for you" I thought it was nice and since then I do it. Lately I wanted to let them grow again and then colour in pink, but it takes too long for me. Maybe I can stick up something. (taken from falter.at)

Furry Germans
Nena on youtube: 1 2

Hey, I joined livejournal again, after I deleted my account some years ago. I rejoined mainly because of communities such as hairypits and fuck_shaving. I'm interested in the topic of body hair. And in these places I can widen my knowledge, give support and receive encouragement. You're a wonderful bunch of people.


I came to look more after my body, since I stopped shaving. I want to look good and healthy. In first place I do it to feel more comfortable with myself. But another reason is because I don't want to confirm other people's prejudice, that hairy people are dirty. Having body hair and being clean and tidy goes together so very well.

If I choose to have body hair, this doesn't mean I neglect my body and my hygiene.

When people think of hairy women, most often middle-aged women come to their mind. This stereotype bothers me a lot. Deciding to live in peace with my body, that's not about age. That's a decision also young people can meet. We should be a lot prouder of ourselves to be so self-conscious!