Hairy pits + not so hairy legs

As it's been quiet here thought I'd reflect on a photo/post elsewhere. I'm sure many members here will be aware of a tumblr group called the Hairy Pits Club where (mainly) women display the wide diversity of pit hair from wispy hair to thick long pit hair, dyed pits, stubbly pits, etc as well as posters comments on the topic. Well worth being a follower as a fan of underarm hair.

One poster a couple of days ago said she had tried shaving her pits a few times, got a rash then accpted her pits in their natural furry state + wondered why she started shaving them in the first place. I'm sure many here can relate to this.

What I found more intriguing was her next comment that she shaved her legs every few weeks as she liked the prickly feeling. I'm guessing this is quite unusual. Though most women shave/wax their legs for a hairless effect as society has persuaded them to do,those that don't tend to go for the natural full hairy effect either out of preference or indifference + some will remove their hair when baring their legs publicly or for special events. But haven't heard of growing out the hair for a specific feel. I sort of get it as when a partner has shaved her legs (usually a rare event) I have enjoyed seeing/feeling the hair as it grows back, but wouldn't expect this sort of hair manipulation on a fairly regular basis, though nothing wrong in it- just quirky I guess. Anyone else do anything similar or thoughts on this?
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Ookay, so today I paid a visit to our friendly neighbourhood gyno. 
Anyway.  (and trust me, this post IS about hair...)  I've had the most
wacked out menstrual cycle (if you can call it that) on the face of the
planet for the past 2 years, mostly due to HBC, stress, weight loss,
etc. etc.  BUT, it was starting to freak me out a bit.  So with some
tests and whatnot, it looks like I could quite likely have Polycystic
Ovarian Syndrom (PCOS).  We'll see after next week's ultrasound. 

see, hairines is a common symptom of PCOS, and it was actually what
clued my OB/GYN into this whole possibility.  She was feeling my tummy,
and noticed my tiny 10-hair happy spot right below my belly button, and
my itty bitty fuzzy mustache, and said "Oh yeah, that's not normal,
that's hirsutism, it's probably PCOS"  She also commented on the backs
of my thighs being a bit fuzzarific.  So.  I've never thought of myself
as ultra-hairy, but even so, who cares, right?  I mean, I was a
no-leg-shaver for years, but I've felt like it off and on over the past
couple years.  My pits?  Bring on da fuzz.  So I'm not so weirded out by
that as by her attitude of how 'abnormal' a bit of belly button hair
is.  Is it?

How much of a mustache of happy trail do you all
have?  I have to admit, the way she said it made me feel less than a
woman.  And I am one.  And I like it.   Bah.  I need some encouragement,

TIA!  -Sheila

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just filled this out for a girl on tumblr, thought people here might be interested and maybe wana join in :)

[b]What age did you stop shaving?[/b]

Got lazy with it around 17 or 18, but stopped shaving my armpits and crotch around 19/20 I think, but I still shaved my legs (very occasionally or just in summer) up until I was 22. I'm now 23. I used shave/pluck my eyebrows but i don't touch them now. I love their natural shape and think it looks so much better, the extra hairs give them so much more definition.

[b]What made you want to stop shaving?[/b]

At first it was mostly because of comfort. I got insanely itchy after shaving, especially my legs. I hated it, it made them go red and blotchy and look "worse" than if they were stubbly or hairy. I didn't see the point. I also just hated how high-maintenance it was, and spending money on razors etc just because the media and society says it's better, sexier, and "more feminine" for women to be pristine hairless dolls. It also went hand in hand with my growing distaste for advertising, my consciousness of the objectification of women in media and many forms of pornography.

[b]What parts of your body do you not shave?[/b]

The only I part I shave now is the sides of my head (i've got a dreadhawk)

[b]Do you get harassed in public for not shaving? [/b]

I thought I would, but no, never.

[b]What kind of things are said/done to you?[/b]

see above… although, people do sometimes stare, but then I wonder if maybe I just think they are staring. I don't care though, in fact I enjoy that something so simple as the hair on my body can be challenge for them and that it might make them think, and become more open to the idea that we shouldn't HAVE to shave.

[b]Do you find it’s more from female identified people than male identified?[/b]

YES. In fact, it's only been women who have stared at me.

[b]What do you say to people who say you are less feminine for not shaving?[/b]

That they should perhaps re-evaluate their definition of "feminine"… think about the fact that women grow hair naturally, think about the fact that shaving products were marketed to women only AFTER they were marketed to men, think about the fact that our generation have been bombarded with images of hairless women since we were born and that maybe, just maybe it has had an effect. and really just talk about how utterly obvious it is that this is merely the product of consumerism, and controlling people through their sexuality and how they desire to appear to others.

[b]Do you think you can wear make up, and do other such feminine things and still not shave? Why or why not?[/b]

Well, it's of course hard to think of things in such black and white terms. I certainly think that women should never feel like they HAVE to shave, but I think they should have the right to if they wish, and if they truly, TRULY feel comfortable and informed about why they are doing it. I still wear some make up, although I will admit that it probably is because of society's standards, psychologically i feel like i look "better" when i bring out my eyes more with eyeliner and a bit of dark shadow, some mascara. but i don't cake myself in it because i think every inch of my skin is unacceptable, i don't run to the bathroom every 2 minutes to touch it up, i don't care if people see me without any, i don't spend money on it on a regular basis. just the same as if i chose to sometimes shave, i wouldn't feel like an ugly disgusting manly freak if i happened to not shave for a week or two and have some stubble. i think this is where the problem lies, and i think the idea that we have to keep ourselves "groomed" and to such a strict schedule actually breeds MORE body image issues and lacks true confidence building because it makes you AFRAID to let your true body be on show.

[b]What does femininity mean to you?[/b]

i suppose it means being true to and happy with yourself, and seeing yourself for what you really are and have potential to be, on your own terms, no one else's. i feel more feminine when i allow my body to be in it's truly natural, feminine state, i see my body hair as a symbol of my true femininity. but this extends far greater beyond the realms of beauty and self image, it extends to mental, emotional capabilities and how we communicate these and our positive traits and aspects to others, how we can nurture the things that matter to us and give everything that is possible to those who might need it.
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So this isn't a new problem to this site but I'm easing back into that whole dating thing. I've been asked out by a dude and it's not that I really care about getting him specifically. It's more I'm afraid my chances of getting laid will go down exponentially with me having pit hair. My brother suggested trimming and easing the dude into the whole thing. Which seems like a fairly decent idea since it won't get rid of it completely. This isn't a question post specifically, I just wanted to talk about it with like minded women - cis or otherwise.
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Oh hai there!

Hey y'all :)
I am a new member and wanted to introduce myself:
My name is Tina, I'm 22 years old and living in Germany.
Growing up, I used to go swimming with my mom who never really shaved and so I kind of grew up with another view on the whole "body hair" issue...i used to not shave either until I was about 15 and got teased about my "hairy legs" in gym class and got asked why I didn't shave cause it was apparently "gross".
That went on everyday until I caved under the pressure and started shaving,even more so when I had my first girlfriend who claimed to be "hair-phobic" and threatened me to leave me if I wasn't practically hairless everytime she saw me...yeah she wasn't a great person in general but I won't go there.

Anyway,ever since I broke up with my ex, I haven't been shaving anything except my chin (I have hirsutism and am quite self conscious about the hair under my chin,which is dark and quite visible) and the lower part of my legs whenever they're visible.
I plan to stop that too,eventually,but I have yet to master up the courage to show my legs unshaved in public. I guess it's a thing that needs some time to progress.

Under the cut are some pit pictures (piTctures? :D) of mine!
Enjoy :D

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Hey there, I'm new to the community, and just wana say I'm loving it, and all the pics! Here's my own most recent pic of my pits.. i still shave but only the sides of my head... hehe